Testimonial - NLP Certification Training in Mumbai, Pune, India

Testimonial - NLP Certification Training in Mumbai, Pune, India

Here Is Exactly How My Course Is Right For You

Extreme Value - Here's Why You Will Be Extremely Happy And Satisfied With My Courses

When you attend my courses, you will find that my courses incorporates the very best practices of learning methodologies & learning topics that you will not find anywhere else:

  • Active Experiential Learning using David Kolb’s Learning Styles & Experiential Learning cycle - which means that you will learn not just the theory but will have active, practical experience of the impact created by these theories and models

  • Course is designed for Apply Level of Blooms Taxonomy of Learning Domains - which means that I not only ensure, but guarantee that you will be able to apply in your personal and professional life, everything you learn in the training

  • Active role plays, situational case studies of various coaching scenarios & numerous real life examples from over a decade of my experience - which ensures that you master your coaching skills & are confident about your own master & are able to apply it in your day to day personal as well as professional life

  • Daily simulated coaching sessions for practice, live demonstrations of each tool, technique & model, practice of each tool, technique & model in the classroom through practical exercises & games - which means - practice, practice, practice, mastery, perfection, confidence in everything you learned

  • Mastering skills learned through the Online Multivarsity post certification classes & lessons in your Alumni Login

  • The BEST VALUE FOR MONEY training with the most benefits & features at a price unmatched by any other training

  • A unique “Coaching Professionals’ Business Kit” - A ready to use system with templates & samples that gives you the exact steps you need to follow to set up a professional coaching business & demonstrate value like a seasoned professional

  • Razor-sharp clarity about your goals by filling up a profoundly thought provoking Personal Outcomes Form

  • Training customized to meet your personal needs & goals through your Personal Outcomes form & 1-on-1 guidance provided to you by keeping the batch sizes small, intimate & personal

  • Lifetime of learning - Online Multivarsity with A/V modules through your Alumni Login

  • Lifelong physical access to Digital Resource Library

  • Committed lifelong post training support

  • Access to community of established and expert coaches

  • Approved by International Coach Federation (ICF) - While you do not get the ICF certificate in my standalone NLP certification training, the content of this training is approved by ICF for coach specific training. This means that you can rest assured that your qualifications will be considered in high esteem & offer a tremendous boost to your credibility & authority. My courses have the distinct advantage of being the World's 1st NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner certification trainings to be approved by ICF for Life Coach certification.* (Refer disclaimer given below on this page)
  • icf nlp pune mumbai 5th element anil dagia acsth logoicf nlp pune mumbai 5th element anil dagia anlp logo
  • Respect & Credibility from HR community - My courses had been previously pre-approved by SHRM & HRCI for recertification credits for HR professionals which means the content has been accepted for developing the competencies required by an HR professional. This means you get immediate acceptance & respect from the HR community and along with that from the corporate world.

  • (Optional Add-On) Live coaching practice with instant feedback to give you the confidence that you have indeed truly learned and are able to apply your skills & contribute to the growth & fulfillment of other people (conducted online after completion of classroom training & is spread over 2 – 3 months)

  • (Optional Add-On) Added learning through participating as observer for other student’s live coaching & instant feedback

  • (Optional Add-On) Access to a unique “10X - Grow Your Business” program that answers your question “Ok, I learned, what next? How do I start generating a livelihood from this?”

  • (Optional Add-On) Deep insights into your personality using the powerful DISC Personality profile report

  • (Optional Add-On) A unique coaching program for your self-transformation & development where you are assigned a certified coach who works with you to establish a clear roadmap towards your goals through a transformational coaching engagement

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Obtaining Your NLP Certification From Anil Dagia


Individualized, Personalized & Customized Training

Every training is customized to meet your specific needs. When you register, you will be asked to fill up a detailed & thought provoking questionnaire. Previous participants have reported that they have taken up to 5 hours to fill the same & doing so in & of itself has generated tremendous insights for them.

No ICF Certification

During this training you learn how to use NLP in different contexts including the context of coaching as per ICF standards. However, ICF certification, is not included in this training in order to make it more economical for you to attend.

Note that the option to upgrade to an ICF certification at a later date, is available to you.

Practical & Result Oriented

While other people claiming to be trainers of NLP audaciously cheat you with either an overdose of powerpoint presentations or some nonsense like "we will teach your subconscious mind", Here, you can learn to master every bit of NLP in a way that you can get your desired result in any chosen area of your life.

If you are a trainer, you will learn to incorporate your knowledge into creating value in your trainings which will earn you more money than you used to.

Stringent Assessment Criteria

Paying your fees & attending the training does not qualify you to receive your certificate. The assessment criteria to fulfill is very stringent & comprises of not just attendance but completion of homework assigned to you at the end of each day of training as well as a case study discussion to demonstrate your competency. Failure to meet the criteria in full will result in your certificate being withheld.

Complimentary Life Long Support

You will have unconditional & complete lifetime support (by e-mail) in your endeavors to apply what you learned during your NLP training course with Anil Dagia

This Is A Training & Not Entertainment

This training focuses on you making the changes that will help you achieve the results you desire. Hence the training is designed to be quite intense & does not provide any entertainment like singing, dancing etc.

Complimentary Physical Access To Resource Library

You have lifelong physical access to a library of NLP resources comprising of tonnes of books as well as over 650 GB in e-books, audios & videos including some of the rarest of rare books & videos. This access requires physical presence.

Limited Opportunities To Attend This Training

Since the training is highly customized to meet the specific needs of each & every participant, batch sizes are limited to not more than 10 participants. Hence you have a very limited opportunity to find yourself attending this training.

Highly Recognized & Credible Certification

The certificate you will receive is a professional NLP certificate with which you will be eligible to apply for a membership with ANLP (UK), the only umbrella organization that offers impartial & independent advice & supported by many internationally renowned innovators in NLP including Steve and Connirae Andreas, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, Charles Faulkner, Steve Gilligan, Christina Hall, L Michael Hall, Tad James, Bill O`Hanlon, Frank Pucelik and Wyatt Woodsmall. This means that no matter where you go in the world, your certificate will be recognized by the appropriate NLP associations.

Furthermore, the content of this training has been approved by International Coach Federation (ICF) as Coach Specific Training, making it the 1st ICF+NLP dual certification course, a feat which no other NLP trainer has been able to do before Anil.

Even furthermore, the content of this training had been pre-approved by SHRM & HRCI for recertification credits for HR professionals which means the content has been accepted for developing the competencies required by an HR professional. This means you get immediate acceptance & respect from the HR community and along with that from the corporate world.

You Won't Be Brainwashed

Plenty of people claiming to be NLP trainers brainwash their participants to become their blind followers despite the embarrassment of not being able to apply any of their knowledge. The training you will receive here will focus on developing you as a individual rather than a blind follower.

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