Meet Anil Dagia

I am a well-recognized ICF credentialed coach (PCC), a strategic consultant and a trainer with long list of clients, and protégés who freely credit me for their upward growth in career and in life. As an established NLP Trainer registered as trainer member with ANLP. I am also registered with ICF as a mentor coach.

Meet Anil Dagia

Pathbreaking Leadership

I achieved global recognition when I got my NLP Practitioner/Master Practitioner Accredited by ICF in 2014. Many global leaders in the world of NLP recognized and acknowledged this as an unprecedented accomplishment not just for myself but for the world of NLP. Subsequently, this created a huge wave of followers around the globe, replicating the phenomenon. I have conducted trainings around the globe having trained/coached over 100,000 people across 16 nationalities.

Pathbreaking Leadership

Unconventional, No Box Thinker

I have been given the title of Unconventional, No Box Thinker and I am probably one of the most innovative NLP trainer. Over the course of my journey I have incorporated the best practices from coaching, behavioral economics, psycho-linguistics, philosophy, mainstream psychology, neuroscience & even from the ancient field of Tantra along with many more advanced methodologies & fields of study. You will find that my workshops & coaching will always include principles and meditation techniques from the field of Tantra leading to profound transformations.

Unconventional, No Box Thinker

Highly Acclaimed

- Interview published on Front Page in Times of India - Pune Times dated 18-Oct-2013, India's most widely read English newspaper with an average issue readership of 76.5 lakh (7.65 million) !!
- Interview published 27-Sep-2013 & a 2nd Interview published 10-Jul-2014 in Mid-Day, the most popular daily for the Young Urban Mobile Professionals across India
- Interview aired on Radio One 94.3 FM on 27-Nov-2013, the most popular FM radio station across India

Highly Acclaimed

This article has been authored by my trainer (Late) Terri Ann Laws, International Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) . She has taken trainings on four continents from more than 24 trainers, including 17 top, well known international NLP Trainers, 7 of which are original developers. She did NLP Master Trainer's training with the highly prestigious International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA), and she is an International Master Trainer of Mind Power, Personal/Professional Development, Success conditioning and Hypnotherapy.

Peace is a personal experience which is not determined by external circumstances.

Peace can be experienced in tumult.

Peace can be experienced in silence.

Peace can be experienced in chaos.

The key to experiencing peace is acceptance.

When what is is accepted, what is can be taken in and integrated.

When what is is taken in and integrated, oneness is experienced.

Sometimes this is called being in the zone.

Being in the zone results from strict attention to the moment without judgement. Every molecule of what is flows as if directed but not because of the exercise of control but rather because of the surrender that comes of not attempting to control. Surrender results in participation in rather than power over. This is significant because what is, is. It cannot be controlled but it can be known. It can be embodied.

Being in the zone is the experience of embodying what is without attempting to change it in any way. It is an exploration, a journey of coming to know what is. It is not an experience of creating or controlling.

Peace is the experience of oneness. It is the experience of knowing that whatever the circumstances that may arise, there is nothing to fear. Peace is the experience of fearlessness. Fearlessness includes the awareness that come what may, nothing can harm you.

Harm is not what it seems.

Harm is not injury to the body.

Harm is not loss of life.

Harm is not poverty.

Harm is not powerlessness.

Harm is not illness.

In fact harm cannot actually occur. The whole concept of harm and harming is a misconception.

Reality is in unity, even though not often experienced as such. There is only one thing and only one moment. Since there is only one moment, then the one thing that is the unity of all that is must exist forever, which means that it cannot be destroyed. The one thing that is the unity of all that is cannot even be harmed because once in being it must always be in being just as it is now. It has no beginning and no end. It can never be created or destroyed. It just is and it includes everything that is without exception.

Peace is knowing this.

Peace is not life without war. peace is knowing that whatever circumstances arise, no harm can come and nothing will be destroyed. Peace is being willing to enter into any experience with abandon because there is no concern for safety.

Peace is not heedless. The experience of oneness leads to an awareness of the interconnectedness of all that is, since all that is is in unity. Regardless of appearance, separation does not exist. The personal experience of peace leads to an end of conflict because it becomes obvious that attacks on others are attacks on self. Because the experience of peace includes the experience of oneness, it becomes apparent that both the attacker and the one attacked are the same. The attacker actually experiences the attack.

Peace is not a necessary experience. It must be sought out with great determination and desire. Peace must be wanted deeply. The path to peace is simple but not easy.

A way to practice peace is to deliberately be peaceful and allowing, to treat each being that you encounter, deserving or not, with the respect you would wish for yourself. This behaviour will effect your experience and because of the unified nature of what is, it will effect each being’s experience.

It is possible to practice peace as a way to come to know peace. Blind respect of other beings will lead to peace. Determinedly searching out the wonderful awesomeness in each person you encounter will fill you with good feelings for them which will fill them with good feelings. The complexity and true nature of other beings will become apparent. Out of respect openness emerges and defences are lowered.

There is concern that one sided peace will lead to weakness. The experience of peace is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of tremendous strength. One who is at peace will not attack because fearlessness knows no need of defence. One who is at peace is not concerned with dying because in unity nothing ceases to exist no matter what. For one who is at peace, dying is not experienced as loss or failure. Dying is transition, one that can be as fulfilling and interesting as any other.

Whether watching a movie on a screen or in 3D called real life, both can be observed without reacting or engaging and without feelings of threats to the self.

Peace is not attained by accumulation. Peace is not attained by domination. Peace is not attained by mutual agreement. Peace just is. It is available to be experienced at any time by anyone in any circumstances. It can be experienced by a single being or a group of beings or by all beings at once. Being committed to the experience of peace is always fulfilling and immediately rewarding.