ICF Accredited Emotions Mastery Coach Training

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Emotions Mastery - The Search For Inner Peace

We’ve all had situations where our emotions got the best of us. Often, it’s because we didn’t realize what was happening until we were too far down the “emotional train” to change it. Emotional Mastery is the process of becoming aware of and learning to direct your emotional states – how you feel moment to moment – and using it to your advantage.

Emotional Mastery has been sought after by philosophers, spiritual masters. It has been the subject of research in social psychology, behavioral psychology, neuroscience and many other fields. Multi Trillion-dollar industries have been built including but not limited to self-development workshops, patented therapies, the pharmaceutical industry, rehabilittion centers, mindfulness project, emotional intelligence project and many more.

If you are a practicing coach, you know that everything comes down to the most primal aspect of human existence - the emotions.

About This Program

This program is designed to certify you as a Emotions Mastery Coach. You will learn an advanced Emotions Mastery Coaching framework using which you will be able to coach people in the area of achieving their emotions mastery goals.

The framework has been designed from advanced modules of the NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner level training. The premise of the framework is that emotions do not just happen to us, but we use our thinking process in many specific ways to experience an emotion.

You will learn how to help you clients discover how they can master their own thinking process and achieve emotions mastery.

Become an Emotions Mastery Coach - ICF Accredited Training.

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Event Event Date Location Register
Anil Dagia's ICF Accredited Emotions Mastery Coach - May 2021 - Online 16-05-2021 9:00 pm
Anil Dagia's ICF Accredited Emotions Mastery Coach - Apr 2022 - Online 10-04-2022 9:00 pm