Do You Want To Grow Your Business 10 Times?


  • Microsmall, Small to Medium Enterprise owner/founder

  • Founder of a startup

  • Want to start a startup

  • Entrepreneur

  • Independent professional like a coach, trainer, accountant etc

  • Very small business owner, trader/merchant of goods

Whether you are a small business barely breaking even or whether you are making crores, whether you have just started, about to start or have been in business for decades, the needs & wants are the same.

  • More sales

  • More clients

  • More profits

  • More money in hand

  • More capacity to deliver

At the same time regardless of your type of business, the challenges you face are also the same...

  • You chase clients & sales, your profits suffer

  • You chase profits, your money in hand suffers

  • You chase money in hand, you lose clients & sales

  • Somehow if you strike a balance then your ability to scale gets restricted & you can't deliver more

Most business owners I have met have the same complaints...

  • It feels like you are playing table tennis (ping pong) - 1 against 10 players

  • Tired, maybe even frustrated

  • Feels like the business is running you and not the other way round

  • Feels like you own a job & not a business

Here's what I have also seen happen, 90% of business fails within less than 10 years.

Most business owners get tired, not rich!

Is your business the reason you are tired, frustrated, and struggling? Or is it you?

The harsh reality is...

Businesses don’t run themselves, and tragically, most business owners don’t know how to run them either. So they bounce around, lurching from one new marketing strategy or bright idea to the next. All problems they faced started out as good ideas and eventually their business failed because the owner quit or died from exhaustion.

Great business owners get rich. They are successful in business because they know how to run the business end of their business. They understand and use the critical business skills and tools required to create sustainable financial success.

The environment is changing too quickly, margins are too tight, and the competition is too fierce to rely on a haphazard “maybe I’ll get lucky” approach to business success.

There are, however, fundamentals, principles, and rules that if you learn, practice, and master, will significantly improve your odds of creating a sustainable business and financial success.

The Key Is - To Be Prepared For Business!
icf nlp pune mumbai india 5th element anil dagia

Firstly, let me tell you a little about myself. I am Anil Dagia.

I have been in the area of coaching & personal transformation for over a decade & have trained/coached over 15,000 people from across 15 nationalities including but not limited to Americans, Australians, British, Canadians, Dutch, Egyptians, French, German, Spanish, South Africans & many more.

I started by specializing in Neuro Linguistic Programming & over the course of my journey have incorporated the best practices from coaching, behavioral economics, psycho linguistics, philosophy, mainstream psychology, neuroscience & many more advanced methodologies & fields of study. I even created my own model of transformation called Emotional Fitness Gym®.

In 2011, I quit my lucrative, cushy & high paying, successful career of IT to get into the profession of training and coaching. Since then, I became one of the top NLP trainers in the world. I gained a global trendsetter status when I became the 1st NLP trainer in the world to get an NLP certification training to be approved by International Coach Federation (ICF) for life coach certification training. Some of my students who got trained by me to become life coaches were able to earn an income in lakhs, and some, 10s of lakhs within less than a years' time.

Since then I have been a trainer and a coach to many CEOs of large companies as well as Managing Directors and business owners of several large and SME organizations. Many of them were in similar situations like you and since then have gone on to climb the ladder of success and responsibility much more than they had previously imagined.

The key to true business success lies in being prepared. And I have created just the right mentoring program which will prepare you and get you ready to earn this success - called "Business Mastery".

What Is "Business Mastery"  All About...?

It's all about succeeding at business as a business owner. It is about creating time & money freedom for yourself.

It is about understanding and implementing the critical business and financial analysis tools, skills, and strategies used by the pros. It is about asking yourself & answering the following questions:

  • How can I be smarter and more competitive?

  • How can I add more value and make fewer mistakes?

  • How can I take eliminate guesswork and make decisions that give me control of my business and finances?

  • How to prioritize my business activities and decisions?

  • How can I progress with the least amount of wasted effort?

  • How do I optimize and maximize between, sales , profits and cash flow?

Here’s What My Program Prepares You For...

Getting ready for Business requires you to be prepared in three different areas. I call this the Business Readiness Triad:

  • Psychological mindset - Successful business owners have a very different mindset

  • Finance - Successful businesses apply a few critical financial principles

  • Business Blueprint - Design your business blueprint of how it is expected to work

I don't know of any program (not even Business school courses) that combines these 3 aspects, ties them together end to end to take you from where you are, to where you want to be, a business owner.

During this program, this is exactly what you will achieve:

Psychological Mindset - Creating a Vision

  • Gain the vision, clarity & certainty about your purpose, your business, your clients and potential clients

  • More importantly, gain absolute certainty in your own abilities to transform your life, and hence also transform the lives of many others

  • Overcome not only your doubts but also provide the certainty to your family members that this will only improve the quality of your & their lives, like they had never imagined

  • Get used to the unfixed but potentially limitless income instead of a steady but limited monthly income

  • Develop reliance on your own ability to produce income on demand instead of relying on external environment & circumstances

Financial Acumen

  • Ready your finances for the swings that you can expect in business

  • Apply financial principles that create the difference between businesses that thrive and those that barely survive or even fail

  • Financial success through developing financial acumen of business owners

Business Design Best Practices

  • Design your business blueprint - Many businesses fail because they never took the time & effort to design their business blueprint

  • Apply business architecture patterns of other successful businesses to your business

  • Develop successful business strategies that fit your business blueprint

  • Create time and financial freedom through developing a business acumen

This Is What Is Covered During The Program...

  • Psychological preparation - to have the vision, clarity and certainty of vision & purpose, to develop the mindset of a leader & a business owner

  • Financial preparation and financial wisdom - so that you understand, speak, live & breathe the language of financially viable businesses that generate sustainable profits & assure livelihood

  • Business preparation and business intellect - so that you think & operate as a business owner & not just an expert or a salesman selling your expertise

  • Client DNA - for better understanding of all your clients, all your stakeholders

  • Basics of Financial Planning - Investment & reserves planning - how you prepare your business for rough weather

  • Basics of Financial Management - Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement - financial brilliance of every successful business

  • Optimize for - Income v/s Profit v/s Cash Flow - how the different choices impact your business to the extent of threatening your survival

  • 9 Building blocks of a business bueprint - vision & structure of succesful businesses

  • Business blueprint - design of your business, strategy ideation

  • Common business architecture patterns - businesses that create value

  • Brainstorming & ideation sessions for each business architecture pattern - design a successful business

  • Brainstorming & ideation sessions for each pillar of business blueprint - create a sustainable business that unlocks hidden potential

  • Psychological beliefs & values inventory - know your psychology

  • 18 monthly coaching calls - hand holding your business for 1.5 years

This Is What You Get Along With This Program...

  • Success Likelihood Behavioral profile report worth Rs 3,500 (USD 50) for FREE

  • Entrepreneurial Aptitude Profile report worth Rs 7,000 (USD 100) for FREE

  • Ready to use templates & worksheets / workbooks worth Rs 70,000 (USD 1,000) for FREE

  • Lifetime of learning - with new modules and courses made available to you in your Alumni Club portal - worth at least Rs 500,000 (USD 9,500) FOR FREE

  • Handholding for your business through monthly coaching calls for 1.5 years (18 total as per pre-decided schedule) worth Rs 10,00,000 (USD 19,000) for FREE

  • All this amounts to a total added up value of at least Rs 15,80,500 (USD 29,650) for FREE

When & Where Is The Next Program?

Schedule for the next online batch is as follows (8 Online sessions of 2 hours each twice a week + Self paced A/V learning + 1 year long mentoring & handholding your business):

How Much Do You Have to Invest?icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia value deal

Firstly, ask yourself, what is your career, your profession, your business, your growth, worth to you emotionally.

Secondly, there exists no other program that offers what this program offers.

Thirdly, any good quality program that offers you a part what this program, with less than a quarter of the value of this program, would cost you a minimum of INR 10,00,000/- (US$ 19,000) or more.

Fourthly, the total value of benefits you receive is almost Rs 16 lakhs (USD 30,000)

And you are getting all of the value of this program at a fraction of that amount.

All of this comes as part of this 18 month mentorship program (comprising of 8 online sessions within the 1st 8 weeks followed by 18 monthly online sessions).

You get all this by investing just Rs 125,000 (+ 18% GST) i.e., just around USD 2,400.

Bonus Offers

icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia limited offer

Watch this space for very special & limited bonus offers announced from time to time worth atleast another Rs 1,00,000 for FREE.

Anil Dagia's Iron Clad 100% Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee
icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia money back

I personally offer you 100% safety to try this program. That’s all I’m suggesting. Just come to the first day of the program to see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted - and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

We’ll continue our time together and ensure that you unshackle yourself from the slavery of your day to day routine of stagnation and create the life that you truly desire. Together, we will get you to:

  • take charge of your business & run it like a business owner rather than letting it run you

  • put in a system driven approach to decision making

  • create opportunities to grow your sales, profits as well as money in hand

  • create a business that will sustain beyond your time

  • create true freedom of time & money

I take your success very seriously & you have my personal promise that I will not rest till you are delighted by your transformation.

If for some reason you’re not delighted within the first 3 weeks with the amazing skills that you learn & apply, then just let me know - and you get all your money back – a complete refund.

If you are not satisfied, I would not feel right keeping your money, so I make it easy for you to get this refund. And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill, nothing to prove & no questions asked. And you won’t even have to wait. The refund will be issued on the spot. I won’t even ask for the program material to be handed back to me.

Just for the record in all my years as a trainer, I haven’t had a single refund request.

I am so confident of my program and so sure that you will be overwhelmed with the success that you achieve and the life that you create, that I am making this promise… anyone who requests a refund will receive, without question, without hassle, without delay.

It's Decision Time...
icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia act now

You can have the business results that you want. You can become a true business owner who runs the business rather than letting the business run you. You can scale your business, sales & profits using a system driven decision making approach. You can have a business that will sustain & create for you true freedom of time & money. You can have peace of mind. I have shown you the proof that it has worked for so many people, it has worked for me and it will work for you too. You know that with my no way to lose, Iron Clad, 100% unconditional, 3 week money back guarantee, you are 100% protected & safe.

You are standing at the crossroads. To the left is the same rough rocky road of struggle, tiredness & frustration.

To the right is the road which is disproportionately higher value for your investment. Choosing the right road makes all the difference. I’m wishing you choose the right road & join me today.

You are getting value of more than Rs 16,50,000 (USD 25,400) at an investment which is a miniscule fraction of this value. This is unmatched even by courses that charge 4 to 6 times the price of investment. You learn amazing business skills, you can have true financial & time freedom, find more meaning in your life.

You also get a bonuses worth announced from time to time which will be worth at least another Rs 1,50,000/- (USD 2,300) for FREE!

But you must hurry. My batch sizes are small, intimate & personal and hence my batches get sold out months in advance.

Here's How you Can Enroll...

Here is what you must do to enroll

  1. Click on a program listed below based on the date of your choice. You will be taken to the calendar page for those dates
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Register (Individual)
  3. Enter your name, mobile number & email address
  4. If any bonus offer is available, select the bonuses that you want to claim
  5. Scroll down to Payment Type field and select "Full Payment" from the dropdown
  6. Select Payment Method as CCAvenue for INR payment / Paypal for International payment
  7. Tick mark on the Terms & Condition check box
  8. Click on verification for "I'm not a robot"
  9. Click on Process Registration
  10. You will be taken to payment gateway
  11. Make your payment using your credit card, debit card or internet banking (for payments from within India) or paypal account (for International payments)

Once payment is completed, you will receive an automated email from my system with your registration details & your learning journey will start immediately.

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