How To Teach Better

A lot of people take to the profession of teaching in some form or another. Whether it is becoming a teacher in a school, joining programs like Teach For India, or becoming an independent trainer - something draws people to this field.

I have been formally in the profession of training for over a decade now. I have first hand experience of knowing what it feels like to stand in front of a group of people. Explaining things to one person is challenging enough. And there you are with a group of people staring at your face and the only thought in your mind is - "Will I be able to convey my thoughts effectively?"

Even after a decade, I feel the same everytime I step in front of an audience.

You can create the right impact for your audience. You can comunicate your thoughts in a manner that is understood, accepted & aplied by your audience. Be it a subject like Maths or even a subject like philosophy - you can become an inspirational role model - you can create this magic.

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