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About This Training

I have designed this Thinking Mastery Coaching framework from the following advanced modules of the NLP Master Practitioner level training:

  • Advanced Strategies Model
  • Meta Programs Model

You will learn an advanced Coaching framework using which you will be able to coach people in the area of understanding their thinking process and empowering them to make shifts in their thinking process.

Have You Mastered Your Thinking Process?

The results you produce in your life are a direct reflection of how you think. Nothing is an accident. Your success is a result of the process of your thinking. Your non-successes are also a result of the process of your thinking.

An even more important fact is that the way you think about something in a given context, is the way you always think about that thing in any context. The process of your thinking remains the same across all contexts. The way you get motivated about your physical health is the way you get motivated about anything - in terms of the process of thinking you use.

Which means that if you can learn to change the way you think, you can literally change your life.

And if you can coach people to change the way they think, you will be empowering them to change their lives.

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Sunday September 25, 2022

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