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 About This Training

I have designed this Relationship Coaching framework from advanced modules of the NLP Master Practitioner level training. The premise of the framework is that relationships & bonding is based on the underlying beliefs and values and the alignment or mis-alignment of these beliefs/values between two individuals.

You will learn how to help your clients discover this alignment and if needed, rectify the mis-alignments discovered.

This framework is generic enough to be used with any relationship. I have presented below a rationale of this coaching framework in one of the most common uses of this framework.

Relationship Coach For Intimate Relations

Why Do Relationships Not Work? What Makes An Intimate Relationship Great?

Too many relationships end in heartbreak or even emotional & physical abuse. And I suspect an equal number of relationships that could have been magnificent are not given any chance because either or both of the potential partners self-predicted the failure even before they began. Love & relationships has been an area where almost everyone is plagued with questions like:

  • Who will be the right person for me?
  • Is my potential partner right for me? Will we have a great future? Will this relationship work?
  • Even though there's nothing wrong, why aren't things great? Why does it feel as if something is missing from the relationship? Why is there no passion in the relationship?
  • Things aren't working. Why aren't they working? Should I continue in this relationship or not? Whose fault is it? What wrong did I do? Why am I suffering in this relationship? Why can't I make it work?

As a Relationship Coach, you will be able to help yourself and others to find answers to all these questions. As a relationship coach, you are not just earning your livelihood. You are adding meaning to the lives of thousands.

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Sunday May 21, 2023

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