World's Number 1 Area Of Concern - Interpersonal Relationships

World over, the number 1 area of concern that people have is in the area of interpersonal relationships. Be it intimate love partner relationship, parent-child relationship, boss-subordinate relationship or even peer to peer relationship - many lives are struggling with it.

Just take a look at the following 3 areas for what people go through in the area of relationships and this is just 3 situational examples...

Intimate Relations

Too many relationships end in heartbreak or even emotional & physical abuse. And I supsect an equal number of relationships that could have been great are not given any chance because either or both of the potential partners self predicted the failure even before they began. Love & relationships has been an area where almost everyone is plagued with questions like:

  • Who will be the right person for me?
  • Is my potential partner right for me? Will we have a great future? Will this relationship work?
  • Even though there's nothing wrong, why aren't things great? Why does it feel as if something is missing from the relationship? Why is there no passion in the relationship?
  • Things aren't working. Why aren't they working? Should I continue in this relationship or not? Whose fault is it? What wrong did I do? Why am I suffering in this relationship? Why can't I make it work?
  • Why Do Relationships Not Work? What Makes An Intimate Relationship Great?

Parent-Child Relations

Whether you are a parent or a child to your parents, you know how challening it can be to deal with your child/parent and you might have asked yourself one or more of these questions:

  • Why won't my child/parent trust me?
  • Why does every discussion with my child/parent have to be such a struggle?
  • (If you are a parent to a teenager) How did my child turn into this monster?
  • Why won't my child/parent understand me?
  • Why can't my child/parent see that all I want is the best for them?

Employee Relationship

How much does it cost an organization when two high performing/high potential employees cannot get along?

Organizations often find themselves in predicament where 2 high performing, high potential employees do not get along with each other. It could be a boss-subordinate relationship or a peer to peer relationship. Far too much is spent on making things work and in most cases, the inevitable outcome is - either one or the other employee leaves the organization.

Introducing Relationship Coach Certification

There are plenty of programs and courses that teach you about relationships. There are tonnes of books and video resources. But none of them work. People have gone through just about every self help for the area of relationships and to say that they are disappointed is an understatement.

You see most of these programs, books, videos fall short of one crucial ingredient.


You are a unique individual. The person on the other side of your relationship is a unique individual. The tips and tricks that other programs give to you are very general. They are not customized specifically for the unique person you are. They do not take into account your mindset, your conscious & subconscious likes, dislikes. You have your own set of beliefs and values that are unique to you and are iimportant to you. You may be sharing some of these beliefs and values with others. But the complete combination of your values and beliefs is unique only to you and to no one else. Then how can any general tip work for you? It would have to be a 1 in 8 billion chance that such a general tip would work for you. What are the odds of that?

Your conscious and sub-conscious thought patterns, your values, your beliefs is what makes you special.

And that is why any thing that you learn will have a chance of working for you only if it is designed to take into account YOU & your UNIQUENESS!

And I have designed just that program - one which will cater to you specifically instead of offering general tips and tricks which you know do not work at all.

This Relationship Coach certification program is an ICF accredited course and teaches you a very advanced model of identifying your beliefs and your values and gaining a deep understanding of what makes relationships work for you. You will learn to identify your conscious as well as deep rooted sub-conscious thoughts leading to a dramatic and often life transforming awareness. After that, your life will never be the same again. You will feel free and liberated. You will find happiness in your relationships - be it personal or professional.

And that's not all.

You will be ceritifed as a Relationship Coach and will become qualified to coach others using this framework.

About This Program

This program is designed to certify you as a Relationship Coach. You will learn an advanced Relationship Coaching framework using which you will be able to coach:

As a Relationship Coach, you will be able to help yourself and others to find answers to all these questions. As a Relationship Coach, you are not just earning your livelihood. You are adding meaning to the lives of thousands of others.

As an Employee Relationship Coach, you will be able to help organizations build stronger, robust and cohesive working relationships between such individuals.

  • Intimate Relationships
    • Singles intending to enter into an intimate relationship
    • People with an identified significant other with whom they would like to begin an intimate relationship
    • Couples who have recently formed an intimate relationship
    • Couples who have already been in intimate relationship for quite some time
    • Couples undergoing strife in their intimate relationship
    • Couples who seek to re-ignite the passion in their intimate relationship
  • Employee Relationships
    • Boss-Subordinate
    • Peer-to-Peer
    • Intra & Inter departmental
    • Employees in conflict with each other
    • First time managers
    • Managers facing challenges with delegation

This relationship framework is generic enough to be used with any relationship.

The framework has been designed from advanced modules of the NLP Master Practitioner level training. The premise of the framework is that the relationships & bonding is based on the underlying beliefs and values and the alignment or mis-alignment of these beliefs/values.

You will learn how to help you clients discover this alignment and if needed, rectify the mis-alignments discovered.

This Is What Is Covered During This Training...

  • Introduction to the Coaching framework of competencies & ethics - mandatory content for all ICF Accredited courses arrow

  • Advanced Coaching Framework for - Relationship Coaching (From NLP Master Practitioner Level training content) arrow

  • Underlying components of the framework which makes the framework work arrow

Here Is Exactly What You Get From This Training...

  • Course manual arrow

  • ICF Accredited CCEU Certificate (20 approved coach specific training hours - CCE) arrow

  • Relationship Coach Certificate arrow

  • Coaching Professional's Business Kit - A ready to use system with templates & samples that gives you the exact steps you need to follow to set up a professional coaching business & demonstrate value like a seasoned professional worth Rs 7,000 (USD 100) for FREE arrow

  • If you really want to set up your coaching business that gets you the clients, income and respect you wanted, then Coaching Professional's Business Kit is your true companion.

    I’ve condensed and distilled my years of coaching business experience that turned me into a well-paid, internationally recognized coach in building this special business kit. This will save you from years of trial and error.

  • Lifetime of learning - with new modules and courses made available to you in your Alumni Club portal - worth at least Rs 50,000 (USD 950) FOR FREE arrow

  • All this amounts to a total added up value of at least Rs 57,000 (USD 1,050) for FREE arrow

Plus applications, applications, and more application – No academic theory, No fluff, No philosophy – everything is the programs is to implement on yourself and your clients PRACTICALLY. Personal experiences, clients cases – discussed and summarized – teaching powerful lessons.... and a whole LOT more!

Important – Most of my programs have participants enrolled from various countries working with varied experience and discipline. You learn from a variety of ACTUAL EXAMPLES and analysis of many real-life cases. You’ll learn not only from me but also from the rich, diversified experience of each participant.

This is just a small sampling of what you’ll find in Relationshp Coach Certification.

  • 15 hours of Easy pre-learning A/V recorded classes arrow
  • 3 classes, 2.5 hours each, accredited by ICF arrow
  • Actual cases and practical application arrow
  • Implementation of what you learn arrow
  • Submission of assignment arrow
  • Total 20 hours of CCE arrow

All this turn you into a certified Relationship Coach. That means you’ll be more skilled, producing better coaching result faster, and with much more certainty and confidence.

What’s more, you won’t have to travel, leave your work, or book a hotel to attend the training. The entire program is conducted online, live, on scheduled time and dates. This saves you tremendous time, money and hassle.

Discover Relationship Coach Certification Take Action Right Now!

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22nd May TO 05th Jun - THREE CONSECUTIVE SUNDAYS - 9 PM IST / 15:30 GMT

"What’s impressive about Anil’s programs, is the speed at which I can now create a shift. I am an expensive coach in the US, have coached names in industry and sports we see on international media. And to remain at the top of my game, I take coaching and mentorship from the world’s top coaches and mentors. But I have a confession – Anil’s training has always been, by far the best I learn from, in terms of knowledge, practical implication, application, and result-producing sustainable skill. Using Anil’s methodologies, the impact I create is faster, more profound and long-lasting. And now because of time I save and result I produce I can now take more clients, spend more time with my family and increase my pricing." ~ CKT, Coach, US

Here Are 5 Great Reasons That Make Relationship Coach Certification Is So Different And So Much More Profitable Than Anything else you have Learned About Relationships

  1. It turns you into a coach, even if you have zero coaching experience – In the Relationshbip Coach training you will perform the step-by-step actions on what to do and what order to do them in, what is the process so you can implement these strategies immediately. No more guesswork or wondering where to start… you just plug-play it for your clients.
  2. I only teach what I have applied in my life – I have been through the relationship turmoils in my life. From a high performing manager to a successful business owner, troubled marriage to a troubled teenager, I have weathered through it all. But once I discovered what makes relationships work, I have systematically and consistently built strong relationships with those I care for and who care for me.
  3. Your ICF certification will have a significant influence on clients – Why? Because ICF accreditations are well-respected globally. It ensures the content and stature of the entire coaching program is in adherence to their strict high-standards. This instantly adds authenticity and credibility to your coaching business.
  4. Over 95% struggling to deal with relationships and they need your help – people’s inability to deal with relationship turmoils is impacting every area of their life (money, business, health). If you help them in just one area, you can empower virtually every area of their life. Imagine with this one skill you can get people knocking your door with paying check in their pocket.
  5. This is not just about a new skill; it is about a coaching business – and the truth is experts are paid 2x, 3x even 4x more than a generalist. When you position yourself as Relationship Coach, have the skill that goes way beyond ordinary and have ICF certification to prove it, you can demand your worth.

And if you take action today, you won’t have to spend a fortune and waste years of trial and error to become a Relationship Coach.

"Besides all the breakthrough concepts, what helped me most is the training structure. 9 classes, 2hrs each spread over 9 days. UNLIKE other programs where you go, sit there for 3 full days and get certified.... in Anil’s program, you are introduced and taught the coaching skills in one class, and then have specific exercises to implement with your colleagues and programs participant before the next class. In the next class, you can discuss what went wrong, what went off the course, what went right, what needs to be slightly modified? When training is done, there’s no guesswork, no confusion, you can go out and start coaching from tomorrow." ~ Madhuri Kale, Coach, US

How Much Do You Have To Invest?

icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia value deal

Wouldn’t you agree? Learning this high-value skill and discovering the secrets of a Relationship Coach with so much of ease would be well worth of 1.5 lakh, 2 lakh… even 3 lakh and more.

How about you can enroll in this program for just Rs 17,500 (+ 18% GST) i.e., just around US $ 335?

That’s right you’ll learn this unique, potent skill, get ICF accredited certification, Rs 64,000 (US $ 1,150) worth of bonus, all the course material for just Rs 17,500 (+ 18% GST).

Just one or two new clients whom you can bank using Relationship Coach, will get you much more returns than this small investment.

But wait, there's more:


  • BONUS 1 : Science of Goal Setting - Digital A/V Course worth Rs 11,800 (about USD 200) arrow

  • BONUS 2 : NLP Practitioner Course - Digital A/V Course worth Rs 35,400 (about USD 550) arrow

  • BONUS 3 : Membership to my Exclusive Private Alumni Coaches Club arrow

  • TOTAL BONUS VALUE : Rs 47,200 (about USD 750) arrow

AND - You'll Get Additional Bonuses Worth Rs 88,500 (US $ 1,400) For Taking Immediate Action

icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia limited offer

If you enroll for this course by 11th May 2022, you will receive following additional bonuses

  • BONUS 4 : BUSINESS MASTERY Digital A/V Course worth Rs 88,500 (about USD 1,400) for FREE arrow

  • TOTAL BONUS VALUE OF ALL BONUSES : Rs 135,700 (about USD 2,150) arrow

100% Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia money back

I personally offer you 100% safety to try this course. That’s all I’m suggesting. Just come to the first day of the workshop to see if it works for you.

If it does, you’ll be delighted - and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

We’ll continue our time together and ensure that you learn & apply all the skills taught during the training & are able to setup a roadmap to attract clients, start your journey of self-transformation, help transform the lives of people, create breakthrough results in your life and in your client’s lives & be proud of your certification & the authority & credibility that you get along with it.

I take your learning & growth very seriously & you have my personal promise that I will not rest till you are delighted by your learning & transformation.

If for some reason you’re not delighted with day one, and the amazing skills that you learn & apply, then just let me know immediately - and you get all your money back – a complete refund.

If you are not satisfied, I would not feel right keeping your money, so I make it easy for you to get this refund. And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill, nothing to prove & no questions asked. And you won’t even have to wait. The refund will be issued on the spot. I won’t even ask for the training material to be handed back to me. And you can still continue to attend the rest of the classroom training.

Just for the record in all my years as a trainer, I haven’t had a single refund request.

I am so confident of my training and so sure that you will be overwhelmed with the amount of skills you learn to apply, that I am making this promise… anyone who requests a refund will receive, without question, without hassle, without delay.

It's Decision Time Now...

icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia act now

By enrolling for my course, you know you will:

  • learn coaching skills & apply them, arrow

  • at a price unmatched in terms of its value, arrow

  • attract clients & help hundreds of people, arrow

  • start the journey of self-transformation, arrow

  • help transform the lives of people, arrow

  • create breakthrough results in your life and in your client’s lives arrow

  • be proud of International certification with the unfair advantage of a dual certification course. arrow

I have shown you the proof that it has worked for so many people & it will work for you too. You know that with my no way to lose, 100% unconditional money back guarantee, you are 100% protected & safe. You are standing at the crossroads. To the left is the same rough rocky road of indecision you’ve been traveling. To the right is the road fewer people will choose. This road is not harder, not expensive, it’s different, its disproportionately higher value for your investment. Choosing the right road makes all the difference. I’m wishing you choose the right road & join me today.

You are getting value of more than Rs 64,000 (USD 1,150) at an investment which is a miniscule fraction of this value. This is unmatched even by courses that charge 4 to 6 times the price of investment. You learn amazing coaching skills, you can start off into the profession of coaching & start contributing to society & people in a more meaningful way, attract clients without being a pushy salesman, experience personal transformation, gain credible & authoritative international qualifications.

But you must hurry. My batch sizes are small, intimate & personal and hence my batches get sold out months in advance.

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22nd May TO 05th Jun - THREE CONSECUTIVE SUNDAYS - 9 PM IST / 15:30 GMT

"I found your training to be more than what you shared the training would be in your announcement email. I learnt a lot in this program which will help me in my personal life. The ease in which you helped us understand the intense aspect of Values and Beliefs, truly left me awed. Your genuineness to contribute towards developing coaches was very evident during your sessions when you opened up and shared your personal life experiences, which not many would do. In that in learnt a critical thing on how to build trust and intimacy. You handled the exhaustive subject with great expertise and helped us students learn and grasp with ease. You never hesitated to spend that extra time for us to understand the subject in discussion. In fact, when I visualize I am unable to come to terms that this training was a virtual / online learning, I always felt we were in a real classroom interacting seamlessly and we got your personal attention at all times. I am sure I will benefit immensely on both personal and professional front by participating in this program. I would like to share my sincere gratitude to you Anil, and to all my peers in the program for the support extended to me in my journey as a Coach." ~ Suresh Ranganathan, Coach

Warning! Never Invest In Any Training Program Unless It Meets These 3 Criteria...

There are lots of coach-specific training program out there. It becomes difficult to choose the right program. So I have listed 3 criteria you must seriously consider before you invest in any training program.

One: Does the training program teach you skills that you can implement in harsh realities of life? – Most programs are theory based and they fall flat when it comes to real life situations? There should be practical implementation and a logical step by step approach so that you learn today and implement tomorrow without wasting years in practice.

Two: Has the training produced results in the past? – Many of the training programs miserably fail in delivering results. In fact I have seen it multiple times, people take low-quality programs, try hard to implement it and miserably fail. Worst they get stuck thinking coaching doesn’t work and give up coaching as their career.

Many of the participants freely credit me for their upward shift because of my career and even life-transforming training programs. I’ll show you what many of them have to say.

Three: Does the training have a 100% money-back guarantee? – If the training doesn’t work the risk should be on the trainer and not on you. I offer the most unusual guarantee for all my certification programs.

Still Skeptical? Two More Great Reasons You Should Believe What I Say:

Reason One: I put my money where my mouth is - with a 100% money-back, no-risk guarantee. I’ve been doing this for over 11 years and have never offered anything without a guarantee. You either get rock-solid value with at least 2x, 3x of your investment or your money back. Simple. More on the guarantee in a second.

Reason Two: And this is most important of all, I’ve over a decade worth of case studies and testimonials from clients who credit me for their most significant career breakthroughs. You will find many sprinkled in this letter.

However promptness of your response matters. My programs are almost always sold out, with some students enrolling months in advance for every training program I launch.

What I promise to you is the powerful, learn-today-and-implement-tomorrow coaching skills, which are desperately needed in the market. You’ll get the first-hand experience of it when you enroll for Relationship Coach today.

You’re bound to get many paradigm shifts and “a-ha” moments you can apply to your coaching business.

My coaching methodologies are backed up by many experienced and renowned coach and consultants in the industry, including many who jump-started their coaching practice with my training programs.

However you must enroll today because seats are filling fast, and there are participants with pre-enrollment, who, because of the sold-out program, could not register last time. And I’ve no plans to rerun this program this year. You can check my training calendar.

"Thank you so much for providing with such an amazing learning experience in the form of Relationship Coach training. It was one of the best trainings I have attended. Your understanding of the intricate details and ability to put every learning point in proper perspective is wonderful. In addition to the course content itself, I've learnt a lot about the delivery method too." ~ Ismail Akbani, Business Coach

Yes Anil!

I am ready to join Relationship Coach Certification course specially created to help me develop robust relationships and unlock and unleash my true potential in every area of my life and become an ICF Certified Relationship Coach so that I can transform others !

  • I realize that this is the only program of its kind available anywhere; it goes far more in-depth and beyond tips and tricks programs.

  • I know I’ll get 20 hours CCE, ICF accredited certification, course material and bonuses.

  • And I know I’ve backed up by 100% money back guarantee. So there is literally NO risk. If I don’t find value, I won’t pay.

Yes Anil, I’m ready. Please enroll me for The Relationship Coach, so I develop my own relationships and profitably leverage my new unique coaching skills, to change lives. I understand there are limited seats, registration will close soon, and you have no plan to conduct this training program again this year.

Enroll me today with a price of Rs 17,500 (+ 18% GST) inclusive of BONUSES.

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22nd May TO 05th Jun - THREE CONSECUTIVE SUNDAYS - 9 PM IST / 15:30 GMT

If You’re Not Thoroughly Familiar With Anil Dagia & His Role In The Coaching Industry

About Anil Dagia

Anil Dagia is a well-recognized coach, strategic consultant and a trainer with long list of clients, and protégés who freely credit Anil for their upward growth in career and in life.

As an established NLP Trainer & Executive Coach, he has trained & coached over 100,000 people across 16 nationalities and worked with clients like ThoughtWorks, Barclays, Forbes Marshall, The Leela Palace Udaipur, Cognizant, Mahindra & Mahindra and many more.

Unarguably the most innovative NLP trainer in India, Anil got his NLP certification training courses approved by International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Coach Specific Training, making it the 1st ICF+NLP dual certification course. No other NLP trainer has been able to do before that before.

Anil’s 1# ability is to design and conduct coach-specific, skilled-based programs which are highly needed in the industry such as "Emotional Fitness Gym®", "Relationship Coach", "High Performance Team Coach" and many more.

In 2007 -after spending nearly 20 years in IT industry where he has earned his reputation of turning around troubled projects, - Anil got introduced to and attended Practitioners certification NLP and in 2009 completed Master Practitioner’s certification from Dubai & in 2010 Trainers certification from South Africa.

In 2011 Anil quit his job and jumped into life coaching and NLP training.

Soon Anil began developing his own advanced, sophisticated programs, bringing together his two decades of experience, learning from other world-renowned experts and most importantly demands of industry.

As a result, many of his students, and protégés became influential, well-paid coach, trainers and consultants, that too with tremendous speed.

In 2 short years, Anil earned himself the title like - “Unconventional”; “No Box Thinker”; “Trainer who does not use powerpoint”.

He has been featured in Times of India – Pune Times front page, Mid-Day, Radio One 94.3 and many other renowned publications.

In 2015, ISHMA foundation awarded him for excellence in NLP training. Mr. Shri Sanjay Nirupam, 3 times Member of Parliament & AICC secretary presented the award.

He is been regularly approached by top names in various industries like Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Education, Banking, Energy, Automobile and more.

Anil’s training and coaching experience is enormous. For example he has Certified 77+ batches of NLP Practitioners & 24+ batches of NLP Master Practitioners in live trainings; 59+ batches of ICF + NLP Practitioners & 22+ batches of ICF + NLP Master Practitioners in the dual certification courses in live trainings; 81+ batches of ICF Accredited NLP Coaches in online trainings; Completed 134+ workshops of Emotional Fitness Gym®.

And because the participants see the real transformation in themselves and in their clients Anil’s office is flooded with files of testimonials and endorsements.

Anil’s name is influential in the industry and he is personally connected with Robert Dilts, L Michael Hall, Joseph O Connor, Lara Ewing, Sue Knight, R Frank Pucelik, Adam Reynolds - the people who were part of the core team which created the field of NLP along with Bandler & Grinder.

He his listed with ANLP CIC, UK as a Trainer member

What participants have to say about some of the Anil’s training programs.

"I think Anil is a Phenomenal Facilitator. I am going back with some clear Strategies and Solutions which will enable me to offer better services to my clients. I found it personally also very valuable."
~ Shreesh Jamdar, Professional Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator & HR Advisor

"The coaching (training) that I just concluded with Anil has helped me a lot to acquire new skills, new knowledge set, which I trust will be able to help me going forward in life & in business."
~ Ajay Shastry, Managing Director of Southern Africa Ferro Alloys Ltd

"It is exactly what I wanted to reshape my career & take it the way I want to take it ahead."
~ Sanam Harkare, HR Professional

So for Anil's Trainings, the Content, his ICF knowledge and his NLP knowledge and of course the way he trains the way he makes it very effortless that's anyways a given."
~ Shilpa Roy, IT Professional

"Learning from Anil has been a very refreshing experience. His jargon free presentation without powerpoint, with assignments as an important focus, a very clear learning."
~ Dr K Selvaraj, Psychiatrist, Professor of Psychiatry

" It's been a great training, I'm going to be able to develop my programs for companies & individuals to reduce stress and propose programs as well to create a desired lifestyle for better health & better body. I have learned lot of models too."
~ Catherine Rubio, French Citizen, Wellness & Life Coach, Yoga Instructor

"The training was AWESOME ! I was completely bowled over the way the training was conducted & the knowledge & facilitation which was imparted on the skills is very useful. I will be able to use this effectively in my day to day work & also while coaching."
~ Shyam Iyer, HR Head, Tata Power (SED)

"It was EXHILARATING, FANTASTIC, HIGHLY KNOWLEDGE BASED. It has provided me with a lot of NLP tools & ICF coaching guidelines with it to really become a good life & executive coach for CEOs, MDs and/or Business Heads."
~ Mustan Tambawala, CEO

"I not only learned a lot of different models & strategies to powerfully evoke positive results in my future clients but I also felt deep internal shifts personally which had great impact."
~ Nicholas Puszka, Australian Citizen, Permiculture Student

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