Quit Your Job & Start Your Business

Take the plunge and experience Time & Money Freedom

Take the plunge and experience Time & Money Freedom

✅ Employees tired of the rat race and wanting to quit
✅ Former employees, Already quit to pursue your passion

Think About This...

Which of the following is true for you:

  • Overworked because of the demands placed by your boss(es)?
  • Tired of not having a life of your own?
  • Can't even get a leave or a vacation because your job "owns" you?
  • Plagued by uncertainty of the job market & environment?
  • Threatened by the climate of firing and lay-offs? Or already fired & tired of hunting for a job in an economy where employment rates are declining?
  • Unfulfilled and unhappy with the constant "politics" at work?
  • Searching for something more meaningful to do?
  • Thinking about quitting your job and starting your own business? Or already taken the plunge and floundering?
If 3 or more of the points from above are true for you, then you have surely thought of quitting your employment.

But before you jump in, you need to realize, there is a cost to not doing your homework...

If you have no experience of starting or running a business, if you don't even know where to start, if you are unprepared......, then any resistance from your family and friends is totally justified because consider the research backed statistics:

  • 20% of businesses fail in first year and another 13.33% fail in the second year. Which means you have a 33% chance of failing in the first two crucial years
  • 50% of businesses fail in five years
  • Only 33% of businesses survive after 10 years. This data takes into consider a large variety of small businesses.
  • In my own personal experience, when it comes to the business of coaching and training, I have found that 90% of people who start a coaching / training business without any preparation of business, without any business planning, without any business strategy - end up going back to a job within 6 to 9 months
  • And if you go back to a job, you forever sacrifice your dreams and aspirations and go back to a life of employment slavery, being unhappy, unfulfilled and disengaged

The key to your freedom lies in being prepared.

You have to prepare yourself to transform. You can no longer remain an employee who has the (false) security and (false) guarantee of a monthly salary. You have to become a Business Owner.

This Business Mastery Mentoring program is just right for you.