Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric & aptitude tests are used around the world for a variety of purposes by Executive Leadership teams, HR professionals, recruiters, counselors, life coaches, consultants, sports coaches and athletic organizations, academic researchers, university professors and students.

The portfolio of assessments available with us covers a variety of topics including personality, intelligence in its many forms, mental and workplace health issues, specific job aptitudes, career-related issues as well as attitudes, beliefs, and values.

These assessments use artificial intelligence methods to score and interpret the answers. They automatically produce a report with graphs and numerical results, summary and detailed narrative interpretation, complemented by an extensive advice and tips section. These reports can be enhanced with additional modules available, such as benchmarks, custom-tailored interview questions, or comparison reports for multiple users.

Detailed descriptions of currently available assessments are provided in the catalog below:

Click on the various report categories to find thereports you might be interested. You can preview a sample report by clicking on the Report Name.

Psychometric Assessments In Your Profession

  • HR & OD

    HR & OD function's job is never done. Aside from finding the right person for a job, managers must also ensure that their succession planning is on track, that they find ways to develop the talent of existing employees, train them for specific skills and reduce turnover at the same time.

    However, this doesn't have to be as complicated as it sounds. With the help of psychological assessments, you can find the solutions that fulfill your needs.

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  • Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Counselling & Therapy

    If you are a Executive Coach, Life Coach, Counselor, Therapist or mental health professional in any other form, then nothing brings more fulfillment than to watch your client progress from despair to empowerment. Mental health professionals don't solve people's problems - they give their clients, the tools to become their own confident and knowledgeable problem-solvers.

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  • Consulting

    Management Consultants and Executive Coaches are enlisted for one of two reasons:
    1) to determine and fix the cause of a company's lagging success or
    2) to prevent it from reaching that point in the first place.

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