Meet Anil Dagia

I am a well-recognized ICF credentialed coach (PCC), a strategic consultant and a trainer with long list of clients, and protégés who freely credit me for their upward growth in career and in life. As an established NLP Trainer registered as trainer member with ANLP. I am also registered with ICF as a mentor coach.

Meet Anil Dagia

Pathbreaking Leadership

I achieved global recognition when I got my NLP Practitioner/Master Practitioner Accredited by ICF in 2014. Many global leaders in the world of NLP recognized and acknowledged this as an unprecedented accomplishment not just for myself but for the world of NLP. Subsequently, this created a huge wave of followers around the globe, replicating the phenomenon. I have conducted trainings around the globe having trained/coached over 100,000 people across 16 nationalities.

Pathbreaking Leadership

Unconventional, No Box Thinker

I have been given the title of Unconventional, No Box Thinker and I am probably one of the most innovative NLP trainer. Over the course of my journey I have incorporated the best practices from coaching, behavioral economics, psycho-linguistics, philosophy, mainstream psychology, neuroscience & even from the ancient field of Tantra along with many more advanced methodologies & fields of study. You will find that my workshops & coaching will always include principles and meditation techniques from the field of Tantra leading to profound transformations.

Unconventional, No Box Thinker

Highly Acclaimed

- Interview published on Front Page in Times of India - Pune Times dated 18-Oct-2013, India's most widely read English newspaper with an average issue readership of 76.5 lakh (7.65 million) !!
- Interview published 27-Sep-2013 & a 2nd Interview published 10-Jul-2014 in Mid-Day, the most popular daily for the Young Urban Mobile Professionals across India
- Interview aired on Radio One 94.3 FM on 27-Nov-2013, the most popular FM radio station across India

Highly Acclaimed
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The 3rd mistake made by Life Coaches & NLP trainers, which is absolutely lethal for their credibility - is to make an unsolicited pitch for their services or pop up the benefits of their services during conversations which are absolutely unrelated.

Life Coaches & NLP trainers who have already been making the 1st 2 mistakes that I spoke of find themselves in situations where business is not easy to come by. This then leads them to desperation & in that state they will pitch their offerings anywhere, everywhere, all the time.

Take for example a very simple conversation that had been started in a watsapp group - one of the trainers brought up a discussion regarding the usage of "Sir/Madam culture v/s First name basis culture".

Several people provided their own opinions & the discussion & debate was quite lively & healthy.

Then jumped in an NLP trainer into the discussion with a pitch of how NLP can help & that the initiator of the discussion needs to undergo NLP training!!!

Really??? Really??? Was there any need to pitch for NLP?

A modified version of this mistake is blabbering out jargon from your field of study during conversations which have nothing to do with your services & to people who have no interest in your field.

Any unsolicited pitch during an unrelated conversation or blabbering of jargon, is not only ignored but it reflects poorly on the credibility of the person making the pitch. Discerning clients recognize this as a sign of desperation. The person making such unsolicited pitches rapidly loses credibility in the market.

Add this to the other 2 mistakes that I spoke about, it is no wonder why so many so called Life Coaches & NLP trainers do not survive long enough in the business. The mortality rates in this business are extremely high & the average life expectancy of this business is between 6 - 12 months. Some may survive longer but only manage to crawl along for appearances sake because they are too vain to admit that it's become unviable for them.

The key to avoiding these mistakes is:
a) Learn your subject from a proven expert who can teach stuff to you in a simple & effective manner that helps you apply it in your everyday situations

b) Learn it in a way that makes it tangible to you & hence enabling you to make it tangible for others

c) Learn to be a professional. This includes knowing what to sell when.

If you want to learn how to overcome this phenomena that many Life Coaches & NLP trainers are guilty of, then you absolutely MUST attend my next NLP training. You can find information about my next training by visiting the Training Schedule section of my website - Click Here.