COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR on Using NLP to Understand The Mind And Its Role In Creating Your Reality

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I invite you to join me on this webinar where I shall be explaining the role your mind plays in creating your reality and how you can change your reality so that you can find more success and achievement instead of failure and disappointment, be more liked and influential rather than be ignored, find your power and take control over your life rather than feel helpless over your circumstances.

I am Anil Dagia and here is my story. I used to be in the IT industry and had a very successful, thriving and growing career. I was in high demand. I was basking in the glory of it all. And yet, I felt there was something missing. I felt like my life was not my own, my life was owned by my employers, my clients, my job. And all my personal desires were of no consequence because I had no time for them. I had the money, the fame, the glory but none of these was of use to me for pursuing what I liked, what I loved. I had not a single moment which I could say was purely mine and mine alone to chose to do whatever I please to.

The thing is, for a long time I believed this is all there is to life. This is my reality. This is my destiny.

And then one day life came knocking on my door. I faced a near death situation when I was diagnosed with a cardiac bloc and while on the hospital bed, I heard the doctor tell the nurse - "nurse, get the defibrillator". And in that moment, my entire life (or lack thereof) flashed in my eyes. And I realized that my work is not my life. My work is a part of my life but it can never be my life. And unless I took charge of my life, no one else will put me in charge.

And in that moment I made a decision. That I will own my life and I will help as many people as I can to own their life. And from that moment on, I changed my life and I am where I am today because of that 1 decision. Today, I can proudly boast that I have trained and coached over a 100,000 people from 18 nationalities to start their journey to reclaim their lives.

So what helped me make this, the most crucial decision of my life? Well, it was the realization that while there may be an external reality, we as humans are unlikely to ever know the complete reality which is outside of us. The only reality we ever know is the one we make up in our minds. And there are set, defined ways in which our minds make up this reality. I had already learned Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) prior to this moment. But it is this decision which truly got me to understand how my own mind worked.

I realized that my mind was filtering out a lot of information which is out there in the world and which I had been presented with but my mind never acknowledged. What remaining information that was allowed and acknowledged, was diluted and contaminated by my own prejudices and judgments that arose from my past experience as well as my imagined future.

And when I made this crucial decision, I opened myself up to information that was always around me, I learned to drop my notions of what I know and started operating from the notions of "What if" and I opened up to a world of possibilities instead of a world of compulsion.

If you want more information on this for yourself or your loved ones, then please join me on this short webinar and I assure you one thing - that you will go back with 3 solid takeaways:

  • Two types of reality
  • 3 mechanisms your mind uses to create your reality
  • 3 methods you can use to start creating a new reality in your mind


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Using NLP to understand the mind & It's role in creating your reality

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