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About Life Coach Training

Here, you will get a collection of comprehensive ICF Accredited Coach trainings encompassing all the 8 core competencies required as per the ICF framework (Updated 2021). The wide variety covers comprehenisive & intensive trainings which enable you to obtain or upgrade your ICF credentials.

This training is part of my Own Your Life, Own Your Profession - series of offerings...

You truly own your life, when you are the master of your time; when your time is not driven by demands of your job, your employer, your 9 to 5 job. This means that you have to have a source of income that allows you the freedom to work at YOUR pace. This doesn't mean you won't face external demands on your time. You will. But YOU will have the power to make all the decisions about your time instead of having a boss to answer to and who makes these decisions for you directly or indirectly.

And the profession of Life Coach allows you exactly this kind of freedom. Plus, it is so much more fulfilling and rewarding to help others transform their lives for the better.

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