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Why Are Women NOT Happy Today?

"Am I really happy?" - Is the question women constantly ask themselves. We live in a world where women are expected to play “perfect role models” for all the roles she lives - perfect daughter, perfect mother, perfect daughter in law , perfect wife and the list goes on. In this journey she tries to live upto these labels put by society. And to do so, she makes huge sacrifices. In fact, it is expected of her!

It's not surprising that many women have asked themselves and identify with these questions:

  • “Why am I not at peace?”
  • “Why am I not positive?”
  • “All I need is respect, why can't I have it?”
  • “Why am I the one who is expected to sacrifice my needs?”
  • “I want unconditional love from my family, why can't I get that?”
  • “Why am I not able to choose my career or life partner?”
  • “Why do I take decisions that I regret later?”
  • “I need time for myself, why can't I get that?”
  • “I need passion and spark in me, why is it missing from my life?”
  • “Why am I not accepted the way I am?”

And after asking all these questions, what does she do?

  • Ignores this and keeps living as is
  • Puts on a happy mask due to social pressure
  • Keeps saying “this will pass”
  • Shops
  • Has discussions with friends which lead no where
  • Engages in work
  • Increases Emotional Eating
  • Obsesses about her looks at the beauty salon
  • Ignores her feelings to avoid conflict
  • And the list goes on

But has she ever thought, "Is this really helping me?" "What lays at my core, which if resolved, will to lead a HAPPY , INDEPENDENT and EMOTIONALLY STABLE LIFE?"

About This Program

This program, ‘Coaching For Her Breakthrough’ is specially created & designed by Supriya Pujari for women who are seeking transformation. The program consists of a Transformation framework that can be used by coaches and / or clients of coaches. This is a very powerful framework to coach yourself and other women who are seeking emotional stability, who need help to make decisions, who are going through identity challenges, who need clarity of life, who are seeking work life balance, who are seeking emotional stability, peace of mind, affection and acceptance from people or women who are facing challenges in any area of their life.

As Her Breakthrough Coach, you will be able to help yourself and other women to find answers they are seeking to their questions. As Her Breakthrough Coach, you are not just earning your livelihood. You are adding meaning to the lives of thousands of others.

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