Recordings Of Live Practice Coaching With Feedback

Topic Coaching Conversation Feedback On Coaching Conversation
Kiran coaching Sanam on being more loving & patient
Sanam coaching Kiran on writing articles & blogs
Kiran coaching Sanam on needing some peace of mind
Sanam coaching Kiran on getting irritated
Sanam coaching Kiran on weight loss
Shilpa coaching Poonam on enhancing coaching skills
Poonam coaching Shilpa on having the feeling of receiving credit for what she has not done
Poonam coaching Shilpa on taking break from career
Shreesh coaching Manas on the dilemma whether he should quit & go back to his home town
Sanjay coaching Shreesh on visibility in social media
Ajay coaching Amol on not being able to stay in the present moment
Ajay coaching Poonam on implementing a project to create behavioral change in students

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