ICF Accredited Employee Relationship Coach Training

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How much does it cost an organization when two high performing/high potential employees cannot get along?

Organizations often find themselves in predicament where 2 high performing, high potential employees do not get along with each other. Ith could be a boss-subordinate relationship or a peer to peer relationship. Far too much is spent on making things work and in most cases, the inevitable outcome is - either one or the other employee leaves the organization.

As an Employee Relationship Coach, you will be able to help organizations build stronger, robust and cohesive working relationships between such individuals.

About This Program

This program is designed to certify you as an Employee Relationship Coach. You will learn an advanced Employee Relationship Coaching framework.

While this Employee Relationship coaching framework is targeted at employees within an organization, this same framework can also be used with any relationship.

The framework has been designed from advanced modules of the NLP Master Practitioner level training. The premise of the framework is that the relationships & bonding is based on the underlying beliefs and values and the alignment or mis-alignment of these beliefs/values.

You will learn how to help you clients discover this alignment and if needed, rectify the mis-alignments discovered.

Become an Employee Relationship Coach - ICF Accredited Training.

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Event Event Date Location Register
Anil Dagia's ICF Accredited Relationship Coach - Jul 2021 - Online 05-07-2021 9:00 pm Online
Anil Dagia's ICF Accredited Relationship Coach - Jul 2022 - Online 04-07-2022 9:00 pm Online