Deepening Your Coaching Skills
Coaching Mastery Level 2

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About This Training

Deepening your coaching skills - Mastering Level 2 - is a journey of transformation, of evolution from the "doing" of coaching to the "being a coach".

This will be a journey in which you will unlearn the need for coaching techniques and become a coach with no technique.

Mastering The 'Being A Coach'

In mastering the "being a coach", you will learn to dissolve the perception of you the coach, as an entity separate from the client, and form a symbiotic connection that make you and your client together, a single entity in that moment. And this single entity has a life and form of its own and this form is maintained through the ups and downs of two beings that have come together in this moment.

In "being a coach", coaching becomes like a playful game which is played seriously.

In "being a coach", you do not become tense with notions of the right technique, right question, right approach. But instead you become ready and aware. You are without any thoughts and yet fully present and aware of everything that presents itself. And when there is an opportunity, you do not coach, the coaching happens all by itself.

In "being a coach", you will find that your client's mind (as yours) has only illusions of perceptions behind which are hidden the real treasures.

And as you & your client breakthrough beyond the illusions, your client finds true empowerment.

*This A/V course is available in English language only.

*This course is part of my On Demand Learning series where you can set your pace of learning as per your convenience. It comprises of videos, assignments and quizzes to help you assimilate and test your learning.

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