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Grow your business without letting it become your JOB

Grow your business without letting it become your JOB

✅ Entrepreneurs
✅ Microsmall, Small to Medium Enterprise owner/founder
✅ Founder of a startup
✅ Want to start a startup
✅ Very small business owner, trader/merchant

Think About This...

If you are running a business and

  • You do not feel like it is a business
  • It feels more like a job where you are continuously
    • chasing a list of tasks to be done everyday
    • chasing people to diligently do their work
    • chasing a sufficient bank balance to be able to pay for expenses and debts
    • chasing clients & sales
    • chasing profits
  • It feels like you have become a ping-pong ball that's being tossed around by 10 people on the same table
  • You feel tired & frustrated instead of free & fulfilled
  • It feels like your business is running you and not the other way around
If you have answered yes to 3 or more of the points above

then this Business Mastery Mentoring program is just right for you.

What does it mean to be a Business Owner...?

The fact is - continuing this way is only going to get you tired, not rich. You won't feel like you own a business.

You are basically an operator of your business where you have to keep running all the wheels of your business and the day you stop, that day your business stops.

How is a being a Business Owner different?

As a business owner you work "ON THE BUSINESS" and NOT "In the business". As a business owner you become a strategist.

What this means is that you work on the vision of your business, the layout and landscape of your business, the design of your business. Just like an architect works on and prepares a blueprint of his beautiful structure and then hands it off to the developer, similarly as a Business Owner you work on and prepare the blueprint of your business and hand it off to a competent team to build it and run it.

What does it take to be a Business Owner?

  • Psychological Mindset
    • Vision, clarity & certainty about your purpose, your business, your clients and potential clients
    • Absolute certainty in your own abilities to transform your life, and hence also transform the lives of many others
    • Reliance on your own ability to produce income on demand instead of relying on external environment & circumstances
  • Strategic Vision
    • Captured in Business Blueprint Designs & Business Patterns
    • Driven by results and not tasks
  • Financial Data Driven Business Decisions
    • Keen understanding of the 5 Critical measurement parameters crucial for ongoing business success and growth

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