ICF Accredited Abundance & Prosperity Vision Board Coach Training

Are your clients exhausted or tired of the feeling like they never have enough time, enough money, enough of them?

Does “abundance and prosperity” seem like a far away dream for them?

Are they having fears of security in each are of their life?

About This Program

This program, ‘Abundance and Prosperity Vision Board Coach’ is specially created & designed by Poonam Jain. Abundance and Prosperity Vision Board Coach is a dynamic step-by-step program in which you become certified to coach your clients who are yearning for abundance and prosperity in their life. You will learn advance coaching framework that focuses on overall transformation and belief change for your clients to create strong, authentic deep personal visions for their lives focusing on abundance and prosperity. This framework is developed based on her experience of implementing Vision Board in her own life and also on real life cases of people that have implemented this concept.

Become an Abundance & Prosperity Vision Board Coach - ICF Accredited Training.

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