ICF Certified High Performance Team Coach

Challenges Of Building High Performance Teams

A cohesive team is one in which individuals want to remain. It outperforms because everyone pulls in the same direction, working toward a common cause and with shared behavioral norms. These characteristics become part of group culture, the fabric that holds the group together. However, there will be challenges to face and overcome on the way to creating this zenith. The major of these are:

  • Engagement
    • There is a definite connection between the performance of individuals within a team and the degree to which they feel engaged. Simplye put, without engagement, there is no team and no performance.
  • Conflicts
    • Conflict is a naturally occurring event within any group. It can either be constructive or destructive. High performing teams strive for contructive conflict.
  • Shared Goals (or rather lack of it)
    • Goals should be specific, clearly defined and resonate with all members of the group while promoting the contribution of the group as opposed to individuals within the group. Goals should be challenging but achievable and resonate with organizational values and beliefs.

As a High Performance Team Coach, you will be able to help organizations build high performaing teams and:

  • Generate the team purpose
  • Build strong team relationships
  • Capitalize on diversity of strengths
  • Generate Leadership spirit & accountability

About This Program

This program is designed to certify you as a High Performance Team Coach. You will learn an advanced High Perfromance Team Coaching framework using which you will be able to coach new & existing teams within an organization.

P.S. : This relationship framework is generic enough to be used with any teams - be it a family, be it a sports team,be it a unit of soldiers or any other group of individuals required to work as a team.

The framework has been designed from advanced modules of the NLP Master Practitioner level training. The premise of the framework is that the team performance is based on the underlying beliefs and values and the alignment or mis-alignment of these beliefs/values.

You will learn how to help you clients discover this alignment and if needed, rectify the mis-alignments discovered.

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