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How To Quit Your Job, Start & Grow Your Business

How can you, even without any background in business, one day quit your employment and build a successful business?

If you are already an entrepreneur or a startup, small or big, in any industry, what are the main fundamental flaws in your approach?

How can you build a robust profitable business that is growing?

What are the principles of business that large corporates apply and you might be ignoring?

If you have ever wondered about any of the above questions,

Then this is your opportunity to get your answers in an absolutely candid, heart to heart session with me where I will share with you not only about my journey from a successful and lucrative career at very high positions in the IT industry to becoming one of the most sought after CxO coach and Life & Business Strategist, my journey from an employee to a business owner of 3 successful businesses as of date but also the sound principles of a business that most independent business owners are not aware of and which are not taught anywhere else.

Date : Sat 28-Apr-2018

Time : 2:00 pm to 05:00 pm IST

Venue : Colaba, Mumbai

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